PSM content committee reviews show over public criticism

The show's host, current Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Aminath Namza; she attracted public criticism over her seemingly insensitive question directed to the parent of a special needs child-- Photo/ PSM

State-run Public Service Media (PSM)'s Content Committee has decided to review its Ramadan-special program 'Ihsaas' over public criticism.

Several members of the public criticized a recent episode of the show where its host, the current Deputy Minister of Ministry of Social Family Development, Aminath Nazma had apparently asked an insensitive question to the parent of a special needs child.

PSM Managing Director Zeena Zahir spoke to 'Sun' and said an HOD meeting was held after the episode in question was broadcast last Wednesday.

"I have discussed about treating sensitive topics and areas of improvement during Thursday's HOD meeting. The public started expressing their concerns afterwards," Zeena said.

Zeena added the channel has not decided to stop airing the program since it is pre-recorded.