Jameel criticizes Pres Muizzu, highlights Yameen's continued arrest

Former Vice President and current lead advocate of Abdulla Yameen -- (Sun Photo/ Infinite Movements/ Mohamed Maavee)

Former President Abdulla Yameen's lead advocate and former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has criticized President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Jameel said Yameen will be spending another Ramadan under arrest, and drew parallels between Dr. Muizzu and former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The former VP criticized President Dr. Muizzu on Sunday, via X, highlighting the delay in Yameen's acquittal. 

Jameel said the president lacked moral grounds to preach for righteousness while infringing the rights of Yameen.

This is the latest jab from VP, while he has highlighted the delay in Yameen's release during previous elections.

A week into the current administration coming to power, Yameen exited the ruling PPM/PNC coalition as its leader. Jameel, another key figure in Dr. Muizzu's campaign efforts, sided with the former president.

Meanwhile, supporters of Yameen have criticized Dr. Muizzu due to the delay in the former president's release.

After Yameen was found guilty of money laundering and graft in leasing Vaavu atoll Aarah for tourism development, he was sentenced to jail for 11 years along with a USD 5 million fine. He was transferred to house arrest by former President Solih after Dr. Muizzu, who won the recent presidential election, requested for it.

Despite this, tensions between Dr. Muizzu and Yameen owing to the latter's release, quickly escalated and created a rift after which the former president resigned from the ruling coalition.