Pres announce capping utility bills in Ramadan

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu -- (Sun Photo/ Moosa Nadheem)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Sunday evening, March 03, 2024, has announced the decision to cap utility bills, to ensure against price hikes, during Ramadan.

He made the announcement at the rally in Baa atoll Eydhafushi, where he said that the utility bills observe notable increase during Ramadan causing public plight.

"... [utility bills] would be capped at the levels of a standard month, meaning that the utility prices will not exceed beyond the rates during standard months," President Dr. Muizzu assured.

He further said utility providers including STELCO, Fenaka Corporation, and MWSC have agreed to the government's conditions.

President Dr. Muizzu also announced STELCO will be waiving off its MVR 30 charge from six islands.

At the rally, Dr. Muizzu reiterated his campaign pledge to the island and assured neighboring Maaddoo will be put within the jurisdiction of Eydhafushi.

"We will issue the relevant document to the council within this week. After that, both the government and the council can plan and execute urban development projects in the island including housing," he added.

Earlier on Tuesday, last week President Dr. Muizzu had announced the electricity usage rates for mosques would be reduced to domestic rates. He further announced a waiver of MVR 1,800 from municipal pick-up charges.

He reiterated these decisions are formulated to enhance convenience for the public.