Adhurey’s indirect response to Yameen: Loyal to an ideology, not a specific person

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu (L) and his Special Advisor Abdul Raheem Abdulla (R) at Sh. Milandhoo on February 27, 2024. (Sun Photo/Moosa Nadheem)

Abdul Raheem Abdulla, the Special Advisor to President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, has indirectly refuted former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, citing that he is not loyal to a specific person but rather to the ideology

President Muizzu visited Sh. Milandhoo on Tuesday as part of his ongoing tour of Maldivian atolls. Speaking at the meeting the president held with the residents of the island – Abdul Raheem strongly criticized opposition figures including Yameen, who had worked alongside him over several years.

“We remain steadfast with President Muizzu, very earnestly. We do not align with a specific person. We align with an ideology,” Abdul Raheem had said, indirectly critiquing individuals involved in the formation of Yameen’s new party.

“We will not stab the leader from behind,” he added, emphasizing people who had done this has been witnessed in the past.

Special Advisor to the President Abdul Raheem Abdulla (R) speaks at Sh. Milandhoo on February 27, 2024. (Sun Photo/Moosa Nadheem)

Abdul Raheem also appealed to the public against aligning themselves with a specific person, urging them to work behind an ideology instead.

“We are still committed to the political ideology we initially ran with. We do not condone people leaving us. However, we are concerned and saddened over this,” he said.

He stressed that the world will not stop for a specific person.

Speaking further, Abdul Raheem pointed out the leaders will continue to change. He added that respect and adoration for a leader who serves with honesty and sincerity will significantly increase despite the change, while the hardships of people who have lied to the people and misled them continue to increase day by day.

Abdul Raheem also strongly criticized the main opposition MDP, adding that the people elected President Muizzu as their leader over their discontentment with MDP’s administration.

Yameen, the former leader of the ruling PPM-PNC coalition, left the coalition just a week after President Muizzu assumed office after the conflict within the coalition boiled over. He has since commenced efforts to form a new political party and has been a strong critique of President Muizzu’s administration.

February 1, 2019: PPM-PNC sign coalition agreement. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Yameen and his close aides have mainly targeted Abdul Raheem in their critique of the current administration.