Opportunity open to submit questions to President on ‘Ahaa’ forum

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu speaks at a press conference. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu is set to participate in the next session of the ‘Ahaa’ public forum – serves as a platform for the public to engage in discourse and ask questions pertaining to public policy.

In a post on X, the President’s Office announced that the next session of the ‘Ahaa’ forum will be begin at 08:45 pm on Friday.

People can SMS questions they wish to ask President Muizzu to 300 with the keyword ‘AH’.

The first session of the ‘Ahaa’ forum was held on January 25. It was participated by Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Mohamed Saeed; Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed; Minister of Social and Family Development, Dr. Aishath Shiham; Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Abdulla Rafiu; and Minister of Construction and Infrastructure, Dr. Abdulla Muththalib.

President Muizzu previously announced that government ministers will hold public forums every two months to inform and update the public on the government's initiatives and answer direct questions from the public.

He also stated he would meet with the community in the same form, and hold a forum to address the community’s concerns every three months.

According to the President’s Office, open forums such as the ‘Ahaa’ forum aim to inspire President Muizzu’s administration to engage closely with the community, and carry out its responsibilities as transparently as possible.