Suspects arrested for snatching Mayan’s necklace

Mariyam Mohamed (Mayan). (Photo/Zamath Adam)

The police on Monday arrested two suspects who are believed to have mugged former national footballer Mariyam Mohamed (Mayan), while she was out jogging on a road in Hulhumale’.

Mayan wrote on Facebook that she was jogging near the Clay Studio in Hulhumale’ when she was attacked by muggers at around 06:15 am on Sunday.

According to Mayan, two people on a motorbike shoved her to the ground and snatched the gold necklace around her neck before fleeing.

She immediately reported it to the Hulhumale’ Police Station.

A police spokesperson said that two suspects were arrested in connection to the case on Monday. They were identified as a 25-year-old male and a 27-year-old male.

The police did not say whether they have recovered the necklace stolen in the incident.

On Sunday, Mayan posted a picture of the stolen necklace, asking for anyone who may have seen it, or is aware of any attempts to sell it.