Mayan loses gold necklace in mugging

Mariyam Mohamed (Mayan). (Photo/Zamath Adam)

Former national footballer Mariyam Mohamed (Mayan) was attacked by muggers on a road in Hulhumale’ on Sunday, while out jogging.

Mayan wrote on Facebook that she was jogging on the road near the Clay Studio in Hulhumale’ when she was attacked by muggers at around 06:15 am on Sunday.

According to Mayan, two people on a motorbike shoved her to the ground and snatched the gold necklace around her neck before fleeing.

She said she immediately reported it to the Hulhumale’ Police Station.

Mayan has posted a picture of the necklace, making a public appeal for information regarding its whereabouts or an attempt to sell it.

A police spokesperson confirmed the case was reported to the police station at 06:20 am.

The case is under investigation, said the spokesperson.