Solih asked to back claim PG attack was ‘politically motivated’

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (Photo/MDP)

Home Minister Ali Ihusan has asked former Maldivian president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to share information to back his claim that the violent attack on Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem was politically motivated.

Shameem was attacked with a weapon by two people on a motorbike on a road in Male’ City on Wednesday morning. He is being treated for his injuries at the ADK Hospital.

In a post on X, Solih, the interim leader of MDP, condemned the attack, and described it as “politically motivated.”

“Politically motivated acts of violence have no place in a democratic society and I call on the government to be swift in bringing the perpetrators to justice,” he said.

Ihusan responded on X that Solih’s claim suggests the former president has credible information about the motive and the people behind the attack.

“I would like to request former President to please share the credible information referred here with the Police immediately,” he said.

Ihusan said that he has asked investigators to coordinate with Solih’s office in this regarding.

He added that the police are treating the assault on Shameem as a top priority, and will bring perpetrators to justice.

In a separate statement, Solih’s party, the main opposition MDP accused top officials within President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s administration of fostering close ties with criminal gangs and providing them with protection.

“This party believes that such fearless attacks on top state officials is a result of the close ties that top government officials have with criminal groups operating in the Maldives, and because of the protection the government provides these criminal groups,” said the party.

The Prosecutor General’s Office said in a statement that Shameem remains in hospital, but that his condition is stable.

It did not disclose details regarding the extent of his injuries.

However, pictures taken from the hospital show that he hurt his left hand in the attack.

The Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has strengthened his security in the wake of the attack.

The police have yet to make an arrest.