Protest in front Villingili Hospital after delays in care for young teen

An aerial shot of GA. Villingili. (Sun Photo/Jamsheedh Ali)

GA. Villingili residents protested in front of the island’s hospital on Thursday over delays in medical care for a young teen admitted at the hospital.

The protestors had also changed the name board of the hospital as per a video shared by Villingili MP Saud Hussain on social media platform X. In this regard, a paper reading ‘GA. Villingili Health Post’ was pasted over the hospital’s name board.

The video showcases a large number of protestors voicing their discontentment and concerns in the hospital area. In this regard, the protestors are captured saying the quality of service at the Villingili Hospital is less than par, no matter what administration is in place.

MP Saud, in the post sharing the video, said the condition of a 13-year-old is deteriorating as hours have passed at the hospital without the teen’s transfer to Male’ for emergency care.

He also expressed concern over delays arising because of the non-usage of resources available in the Maldives during circumstances calling for emergency care.

“Previously, many patients had received emergency care by putting helicopters to use,” he added.

Villingili Hospital had not responded to calls from Sun to inquire regarding the issue.