Three injured in Villingili traffic collision being brought to Male'

Gaafu Alifu atoll Villingili

The three people seriously injured in a traffic collision that took place in Gaafu Alifu Villingili is being brought to Male' City for further treatment. 

The Vice President of the Gaafu Alifu Villingili Island Council, Mazeed Abdulla told Sun Media that the collision took place between two motorcycles around 4 p.m. today near the Tholhios Restaurant on the island. 

Mazeed said that among the three people injured in the collision, one person has a broken leg and another is believed to have sustained serious injuries to his head. 

The extent of the injurie to the third person is unclear at this time. 

All three are being prepared to be transferred to Male' City for further treatment according to Vice President of the Villingili Island Council.