Yunan rearrested, remand hearing slated for tomorrow

Mohamed Yunan (R) and Fathimath Rihula.(L). (Photo/Facebook/Mohamed Yunan)

Local actor Mohamed Yunan - charged with multiple counts of child abuse - who was released from custody after three years in prison in December, was rearrested on Thursday.

Yunan and his wife Fathimath Rihula are accused of sexually abusing multiple children in their family on multiple occasions, spanning 2019 and 2020. 

They were both remanded in custody pending the outcome of their trials on October 14, 2020. However, Rihula was transferred to home confinement in March of this year.

Yunan’s was released from custody on December 14th following a court order, subject to certain conditions.

The conditions of his release included:

  • Leaving home for any purposes apart from medical
  • Seeking permission from the court if traveling outside of Male’ or Maldives
  • Speaking with the media on the trial
  • Contacting any children who are victims in this case
  • Disclosing his place of resident to the court and Corrections

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) has confirmed Yunan’s rearrest on Thursday to Sun.

The office, at High Court, requested Yunan’s rearrest citing violations of the terms of release.

High Court, on Wednesday, ordered Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court to decide on his remand, if sought within the next seven days starting yesterday.

In their judgment, High Court said the lower court did not stipulate the change of circumstances that warranted Yunan’s release despite after review of evidence.

The court further said the lower court had not referred to any legal grounds to grant him release, apart from citing the lack of possibility for the defendant to influence the evidence.

Yunan has been pressed with nine charges and faces 110 to 133 years in prison if found guilty of all.