Maid arrested for physically abusing minor claims dire working conditions

Criminal Court. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The maid who was arrested for physically abusing a minor stated at Criminal Court on Friday that she was not paid her salary by her employer nor provided food.

Indian national Sandheef Koar was arrested on suspicions of physically abusing a minor late October. She was remanded in custody for 15 days on October 25th.

Her remand has been extended by 15 days when presented before Criminal Court again, citing possible danger to society if she is freed.

At the hearing on extending her remand, Sandheef said she has no money and therewith cannot appoint herself a lawyer. She stressed that she was not paid her salary by her employers.

She also claimed that she was physically abused by the couple that employed her, having been forced to work while sick and also being denied food. Sandheef also said when she expressed her wish to return to India, they had told her they would never let her return.

As per the remand extension order, Sandheef had admitted to the physical abuse.