AGO: Important govt. bills remain stymied

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath (L) receives his letter of appointment from President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) on November 17, 2018. (File Photo/President's Office)

Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has expressed concern that several important government bills remain stymied in various stages at the Parliament.

AGO said it submitted 153 bills during the last five years.

120 of the bills were passed and ratified.

One of the bills did not pass, two were later withdrawn, and 30 remain stymied at the Parliament. This includes the Workplace Safety Bill, Industrial Relations Bill, and Land Usage Bill.

Some of the bills are related to judicial reforms.

The outgoing administration had been heavily criticized after the MDP refused to back a bill Mahibadhoo MP Ahmed Toriq repeatedly pushed to change the composition of Judicial Service Commission (JSC) – which had been one of the party’s electoral pledges.

The government later submitted its own bill to change JSC’s composition, but it has remained stymied after the first reading.


  • Insurance Bill
  • Animal Health Bill
  • Food Safety Bill
  • Company Bill
  • Attorney General’s Office Bill
  • Foreign Investment Bill
  • Bill to Amend Judicial Service Act
  • Workplace Safety Bill