MVR 196M budget for parliament next year including salary increase

Parliamentarians pictured during a sitting. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Parliament’s General Purpose Committee, on Tuesday, has approved a budget of MVR 196.2 million for the parliament secretaries for the coming year.

Hulhudhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb initially proposed a budget of MVR 192,011,420 for the parliament secretariate for next year.

With the inclusion of an MVR 4,226,000 under a new policy initiative and an MVR 4.6 million to raise the allowances of the parliament secretariat’s staff – the total budget for next year was now raised to MVR 196.2 million.

In light of the inclusions, Ilyas revised the proposed amount to MVR 196.2 million, to which no further recommendations were made.

All members of the General Purpose Committee in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting, therewith, unanimously approved a budget of MVR 196,237,420 for 2024.

The parliament secretariate proposed an approximate budget of MVR 186 million to the General Purpose Committee.

However, Ilyas, noting the parliament secretariat’s staff had not received an increment to their salaries in over 11 years, had proposed to increase their salaries next year in a previous meeting.

This proposal was seconded by the members of the General Purpose Committee, and in this trajectory, decided prepare a report on the funds necessary to implement this

A budget of approximately MVR 182 million was approved for this year. The increment of the budget compared to this year is to reflect the funds that will be required to pay the salaries of additional members which will be added to the parliament next year, after the election.