Muizzu: I won't forget my pledges and hide

PPM/PNC presidential candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu arrives and is welcomed at Muraidhoo.

PPM/PNC presidential candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu has said today that he will not forget the pledges he made during his campaign and hide.

Speaking at HA. Filladhoo today, Muizzu said that while this five-year time comes to an end there are many unfinished things that need to be done for the people. Many things that were pledged remain unfinished as well. 

However, he said that he wishes to be truthful and faithful to the people and he assures the people that he will be as such if he wins.

Muizzu further said that the things that the people want are very important and that when making pledges at a podium, it is important to have a plan to accomplish these things, get the necessary funding and how to proceed with these projects.

He also said that while he has spoken at 131 campaign rallies so far in this campaign all the things he has said have been officially documented. 

PPM/PNC presidential candidate, Dr Mohamed Muizzu, speaking at a campaign rally in HA. Filladhoo on September 16, 2023.

He highlighted everything he has said over the 130 times have been officially documented. 

“Why is that? It's because I want to do those things. Not to forget those things and hide,” Muizzu said.

He assured people that if they were to trust him with the leadership of the country, he will do the things that the people want. 

“Some people ask how can these things be done when there is no energy in the economy. There is no energy in the economy at this time. However, I have been telling you how I intend to re-energise the economy as well,” he said,. 

 He said that he has planned how to proceed with economic thinking in his administration. And that instead of just something he says, the plan is very clearly laid out in his mind.

“We want to do serious work. To finish doing the things that the people want in a serious manner,” Muizzu said. 

“We will not talk about impossible things just to show people dreams.”

Muizzu said that people need to come together with national ideals on September 30. He also said that people need to discard the political party mentality and adopt a more nationalistic mentality.