Muizzu pledges to reduce rent on Vinares, company flats

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu addresses his victory rally in Male' on September 10, 2023. (Photo/Abdulla Shathiu Mohamed)

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the opposition PPM-PNC coalition’s presidential candidate, has pledged to reduce the rent on apartments from Vinares, and the flats built by state-owned enterprises for their staff.

In a campaign rally in Male’ on Wednesday night, Muizzu accused the current administration of changing a part of the Hiyaa Housing Project to Vinares, and taking huge downpayments for the apartments.

Muizzu said that with the high downpayment and monthly rent, Vinares has become as costly as luxury apartments.

“Though I am unable to give an exact figure, I assure you that I will reduce the downpayment and monthly rent for Vinares apartments and make it affordable,” he said.

Muizzu said that Urbanco will still profit from the project even with a rent reduction.

Muizzu also pledged to reduce the rent of flats built by state-owned enterprises for their staff under the larger Hiyaa Housing Project.

He stressed that social housing must be affordable.

At Wednesday’s rally, Muizzu reiterated his promise that he will not take away the land issued to residents of Male’ by the current administration.

“We will not steal anything that the people have received or will receive. Whether it’s a land plot, a flat, or even a job, or an opportunity,” he said.

Muizzu also criticized the current administration’s financial policies.

He said that state-owned enterprises are MVR 32 billion in debt. He said that reforming the enterprises require changes to the framework, but provided assurance that it will not result in anyone getting fired.