Big Fish Maldives awarded USD 16M project to reclaim land for Makunudhoo airport

Big Fish Maldives is awarded a USD 16 million project to reclaim land for an airport in HDh. Makunudhoo on June 22, 2023. (Sun Photo)

Big Fish Maldives has been awarded a USD 16 million project by the Planning Ministry to reclaim land and protect the coast to build an airport in HDh. Makunudhoo.

The contract was signed on Thursday.

The project involves reclaiming 43.12 hectors of land and installing 3,493 meters of revetment to protect the reclaimed land.

Big Fish Maldives is required to complete the project in 366 days.

Makunudhoo Council’s president Auzam Adam told Sun the project will affect major economic development to the island.

He said that strong transport infrastructure is crucial to economic development.

Auzam said the airport will boost the guesthouse business in the island, along with other businesses.

“I believe the airport will affect positive changes. We are already seeing interest from local investors for this [the guesthouse business],” he said.

Auzam said the project will create more jobs, and allow the people of the island to find employment without needing to move to other islands.

“Jobs where the youth of this island can work from this island itself will enliven this island. In Sha Allah, this will affect great changes. This is a long-awaited project,” he said.