Huge blast rips through Makunudhoo; two dead

People gather at the scene of an explosion in HDh. Makunudhoo on October 21, 2023.

A huge gas explosion ripped through HDh. Makunudhoo on Saturday, killing at least two people.

A local told Sun the explosion took place near the fish market, located in the southern end of the island’s harbor, at around 04:15 pm.

A police spokesperson reported earlier that the explosion took place at a sewerage project site, but later said that preliminary investigative findings show the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder near Kamunudhoo’s fish market.

The police confirmed that at least two people died in the explosion.

They were identified as two male expatriate workers – both of them employed by the contractor for the land reclamation project to build an airport in the island.

The police did not specify their nationality.

Charred human body parts have been found around a 500-feet radius.

“There were teeth scattered in different areas. I myself saw pieces of bones and flesh. It has been found in multiple locations. A person is dead for sure,” said the source.

He said that the identity of the victims is unclear at this point.

The local said that the explosion appeared to have been some sort of gas explosion.

Parts of a gas cylinder was found at the scene.

“It was a huge explosion. It rocked the whole island,” he said.

The explosion shattered the glass windows of nearby buildings, as well as some of the boats docked at the island’s harbor.