Courageous Shavan refuses to let disability stop him from playing futsal

Shavan playing futsal at a school competition.

Tuesday night social media was dominated by a video of a futsal match from Hdh. Makunudhoo Schools inter-house competition. From the running boys, one stood out, grabbing everyone’s attention and curiosity.

That was seven-year-old Shavan. Despite being one-legged, he was on the field, playing enthusiastically, gaining much praise and love from all those who came across the images.

Shavan who studies in grade one was born without the lower half of his right leg.

Yet, during the match, he was playing well with others, skillfully running, and passing the ball.

Shavan taking part in sports activities at school.

Speaking with Sun about her son, Aishath Visha said that despite having a disability, their only child displays incredible strength in everything he does.

She said that Shavan takes part in playing sports and other activities held by the school.

“God willing, we will be behind Shavan to support him in anything he hopes to do.”

Visha noted that her son receives a lot of support and opportunities from the school. She added that he does not get any hurtful comments or harassment from the school kids or people on the island.

“People of the island are very good. Normally we get a lot of support from them as well. He gets very encouraging words from everyone.”

His mother does not believe that Shavan’s disability is an obstacle, so they have always taken him outside and mingled with people. Due to this, there is no difference between him and any other child when playing and engaging with friends. Even Shavan does not see himself that way as per Visha.

Shavan at school.

“He would always say he wants to become a Police officer after growing up. That’s the response we always get from him.”

Visha said that it was her biggest request for all to not make a judgment on a child based on their disability or appearance. Those do not decide who the child will grow up to become, she said.