Last call to missing person from Villingili lasted 14 seconds!

Assadh Ahmed, 38, Raiyvilla Aage, GA. Villingili; a man reported missing from GA. VIilingili.

A search operation has commenced for a missing man from GA. Villingili.

A Police Spokesperson identified the missing the man to Sun as Assadh Ahmed, 38, Raiyvilla Aage, GA. Villingili.

He was reported missing at approximately 1:10am on early Friday morning. The police, in collaboration with Villingili council and residents are presently searching the island at present.

Last call from Assadh was 14 seconds, no news since then!

A reliable source from the island told Sun that Assadh was last seen near Villingili Social Centre at approximately 2:25pm on Thursday.

The source detailed that he bought a water bottle from a nearby shop called ‘Daily Doze’ and left the premise, following which he was not seen or heard from by almost dusk.

Then he made a call around 5:45pm to a couple of his friends, which he kept short.

“Assadh then called a couple of his close friends. Did not talk so much after talking. Asked where, doing what, and with who. Cut the call after responding to those questions,” the source said.

The source said Assadh was an individual involved in construction works who employed migrant workers.

In this regard, the source detailed that a storage used for work purposes by Assadh and one of his work sites were inspected as part of the search operation – where evidence of presumed attempted self-harm was discovered.

However, the source said it is unclear whether it was an attempt by Assadh or someone else.

The source said a glass and a cigarette box believed to be owned by Assadh were also discovered at the storage.

“Police have cordoned off the place with tape. Am sure the place is under his complete oversight. Assadh has the key to the place. Therewith, I do not believe the place can be accessed by another person,” the source said.

The source said his Assadh’s family tried calling him throughout today. Assadh picked up his phone in one of these attempts, as per the source; a call that lasted for 14 seconds in which he did not talk at all.

As per the source, the council has shared information regarding how the public can assist with the search operation following discussions with the police.

“Many volunteers are searching across the island,” the source added.

Police have urged anyone with information regarding Assadh to contact Villingili Police at 9792109.