Zikura College announces career guidance fair

Students at Zikura International College.

Zikura International College announced a virtual career guidance to be held in June.

The fair is aimed at providing information about higher education opportunities as well as assist in choosing a career path.

Scheduled for June 23, the fair will be held online, from 1600 hrs till 2200hrs that day.

Speaking with Sun, the college coordinator Abdulla Maaniu said that the main purpose of the fair was to create awareness about various higher education opportunities and choosing different career paths.

Those taking part in the fair will be provided information by specialists from different areas working in Maldives. Moreover, some of the keynote speakers from Maldives will be participating.

According to Zikura College, the fair is open to all of Maldives, and will have career counselling sessions, career workshops, webinar sessions, and providing information on higher education opportunities.

Additionally, the college noted that participation is free for the fair, and registration has now been opened.

This is the second fair of its kind organized by Zikura College. Last year, the fair held in Fuvamulah was very well received by the public.