Education Minister: Pass rates of mandatory subjects higher compared to before

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali answers questions from MPs at the Parliament. (Photo/People's Majilis)

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali, on Tuesday, revealed that the pass rates of mandatory subjects after the current administration’s declaration of five mandatory subjects for secondary students in 2020, have positively increased.

Statistics show that over 50 percent of students who completed their secondary education last year failed to pass five subjects drawing criticism towards the Education Ministry.

Responding to a question by Central Henveiru MP Ali Azim regarding the matter at Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting – Education Minister Aishath Ali said better results seemed better before as some students had been omitted to improve statistics prior to 2019.

She particularly highlighted B-tech and Dhasvaaru students.

Prior to 2019, Education Ministry’s statistics on pass rates of five subjects were counted in consideration of B-tech as four passes and Dhasvaaru as three passes.

Dhasvaaru students drop all subjects apart from two subjects of their choice from their O’ Level and SSE subject while B-Tech students drop all subjects apart from one subject of their choice.

“Statistics are formulated previously by off-rolling. That is drawing up the statistics without the results of students who are expected to perform poorly. Therewith, it is not the most correct representation. We made changes at the end of 2019 to showcase the whole picture,” she explained.

Minister Aishath Ali said that it was the current administration that raised mandatory subjects to five.

She detailed that statistics following this were formulated without omitting the results of any student. Hence, she stressed that the results may appear poorer than before.

Nevertheless, Minister Aishath Ali said that pass rates of mandatory five subjects have positively improved. She noted that programs carried out by the Education Ministry to assist students have been bearing results.

Pass rates of specific subjects such as English, Mathematics and Dhivehi have also been increasing, as per the minister.

In this regard, 75 percent of students had passed Dhivehi and Islam, 62 percent of students had passed Mathematics, 75 percent of students had passed English and for the first time ever, over 75 percent of students had passed Business Studies. These numbers previously averaged in the 60s.

Moreover, 80 percent of students had passed arts and science stream subjects.

Last year’s A’ Level and O’ Level top ten also saw more students compared to other years.