Zareer receives security; all MPs to undergo risk assessment

Mathiveri MP Hassan Zareer. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Mathiveri MP Hassan Zareer, who was the target of a brutal attack in early May, is being provided security, states Mohamed Aslam, the chair of Parliament’s Security Services Committee.

Zareer had been at the Habibi Café’ and Bistro in Galolhu district of Male’ City when he was attacked by a group of five men.

The incident took place at around 03:30 am on May 1.

Zareer sustained head injuries in the attack and was hospitalized at the ADK Hospital.

Police said the suspects used a “dangerous weapon” in the attack.

Aslam described the attack as an issue of “deep concern”. He said that no one should be subjected to such an attack, whether a parliamentarian or otherwise.

Aslam said that MPs are provided security upon request, or based on the level of threat against them.

He said that the committee is currently discussing ordering a security risk assessment on all MPs, following which MPs who are at high risk will be provided personal security.

Police made two arrests in connection to the attack on Zareer last week. The suspects were identified only as a 21-year-old male and a 22-year-old male.

The police have also launched a manhunt for a third suspect – Ibrahim Abdulla (Gabbarey), 32, Ma. Night Villa, K. Male’ – who is accused of Zareer’s attempted murder.