WAMCO: Outstanding bills will not be charged to STELCO bill

A WAMCO worker collects household waste in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO), on Thursday, has stated that existing outstanding bills from customers will not be charged to State Electric Company Limited (STELCO)’s bill as WAMCO’s waste collection bill is set to be merged with STELCO’s starting Saturday.

The bill merge was a decision made to solve the issue of failure to make regular payments to WAMCO for its waste collection services as millions are owed to WAMCO in outstanding bills.

WAMCO’s Senior Marketing and PR Office Miusam Rasheed, on Thursday, told Sun that despite the decision to merge the bill, existing outstanding bills to WAMCO will not be charged to STELCO’s bill.

“We have not waived existing outstanding bills. However, those bills will not be charged to STELCO’s bill. Such bills can be settled through the existing procedure,” he said.

In this regard, Miusam detailed that registered customers who have outstanding bills may settle the payments through ‘Avas Pay’.

Statistics show that out of 53,690 households in Male’ that receive waste collection services from WAMCO, only around 20,000 households make regular payments.

As the bill merge is set to come into effect soon – WAMCO has requested households to update their information. In this regard, customers have been instructed to complete and submit ‘Utility Meter Exclusion Form’ if the electricity meters of their households contain a lift or maintenance meter.

WAMCO has also requested owners of commercial residence complexes to fill ‘Primary Meter Identification and Grouping Form’.

Furthermore, they have asked businesses registered with the company to fill and submit ‘Information Update Form’ before April 6th. They emphasized that service will be disrupted if the form is not submitted before the deadline.

Starting Saturday, WAMCO will be charging MVR 4.93 per day as the fee for door-to-door waste collection from apartments which entails climbing upstairs.