WAMCO to charge MVR 5 per day door-to-door waste collection

A WAMCO worker collects household waste in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) has set MVR 4.93 per day as the fee which will be charged from April 1st for door-to-door waste collection from apartments which entails climbing up stairs.

The door-to-door waste collection will be provided by WAMCO as a premium service.

While WAMCO’s household waste collection fee will be merged with the monthly electricity bill starting April – the fee for door-to-door waste collection will similarly be included in the electricity bill.

Speaking on the matter to Sun, a senior official WAMCO said a daily fee has been set in order to correspond to the number of days billed by STELCO.

“For example, STELCO might bill for 28 days. If we were to charge for 30 days, or a month, on that bill, the price will increase. Therewith, to make it as accurate as possible, the fee incurred for one month has been divided among days” the official said.

Till the end of this month, WAMCO will only be collecting waste from registered households within the Male’ area. Starting April, their services will expand to all households in the region.

WAMCO decided to include their fees for waste collection in State Electric Company Limited’s (STELCO) monthly electricity bill as a solution to the pertinent issue of non-payment of WAMCO fees as millions are owed to the company in outstanding bills.