Adhuham found guilty of Qasim’s murder

Adhuham Mohamed, Bodu Hiyaage, Lh. Hinnavaru, who is guilty of murder with intention. (Sun Photo/Muaviyath Anwar)

Criminal Court, on Sunday, found Adhuham Mohamed guilty of the murder of taxi driver Qasim Hassan in a knife attack in suburban Hulhumale’ as charged.

Adhuham Mohamed, Bodu Hiyaage, Lh. Hinnavaru attacked Qasim Hassan, 59, Kaneerumaage, ADh. Maamgili, near Hulhumale’ Halfway House on the night of December 4th.

Qasim succumbed to the injuries he sustained during the attack while being treated at Hulhumale’ Hospital on the same night. Adhuham was arrested in connection to the case two weeks later, on December 19th.

The case was first submitted to the Criminal Court with the plea agreement executed between the Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) and Adhuham.

Adhuham, during a hearing, had admitted his guilt initially and recounted the attack in detail. However, he later retracked his confession claiming he was tortured by the police.

Nevertheless, Adhuham again admitted his guilt at the Criminal Court for a second time. This time, he said he did not carry out the murder with intention, but rather under influence.

Criminal Court Judge Ali Nadheem who presided over the case, in his judgement, said that Adhuham’s actions before and after the attack proves he did not carry out the attack while so impaired to the point he cannot understand the consequences of his action.

Judge Nadheem concluded that Adhuham was guilty of murder with intention as charged citing all elements of the crime had been fulfilled.

As this is a murder trial – the court would then seek word from Qasim’s heirs on whether they want the death penalty or not. Adhuham will be sentenced afterwards.