EPA probes poaching of turtles in L. Gan

Turtle killed in L. Gan. (Photo/Oliver Ridley Project)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), underscoring having received a report of turtle poaching in L. Gan on March 11th, states they are probing the case.

Two turtles were discovered poached and abandoned on Gan beach.

EPA’s Senior Environment Analyst Inas Mohamed Riyaz confirmed to Sun that the agency was presently probing the case. However, he stressed not receiving adequate information for the investigation so far.

The case is being investigated in collaboration with Laamu Atoll Council and Fonadhoo Council, he added.

Turtles killed in L. Gan. (Photo/Oliver Ridley Project)

“The case is moving forward at present. L. Gaadhoo is overseen with assistance from (Laamu) Atoll Council and Fonadhoo Council. Efforts are underway to execute an MoU. This is as turtles frequent the area, subsequently, making it a poaching ground,” he said.

Nevertheless, Inas expressed concern over unusually high cases of turtle poaching in many areas of Laamu Atoll.

Inaas said that the initial report of the killings was made by a non-governmental organization working to conserve turtles working alongside EPA, Oliver Ridley Project’s (ORP) Sea Turtle Ranger and Community Officer in Laamu Atoll.

Turtle killed in L. Gan. (Photo/Oliver Ridley Project)

ORP’s social media posts state that the two turtles were discovered with only their heads, shell and intestines after being stripped of their limbs and muscles.

Turtles are an endangered species of animal not only in the Maldives, but across the world. One of the biggest threats to turtles’ livelihood in the Maldives is poaching.