Corruption charges pressed against Fenaka’s ex-MD Nimal

Fenaka Corporation's former MD, Mohamed Nimal. (File Photo/Sun/Yoosuf Sofwan)

Corruption charges have been pressed against former top officials at Fenaka Corporation - Mohamed Nimal, the former managing director and Minhaj Waheed, the Director of the Finance and Account Department. 

Both have been charged with misuse of official authority to confer and undue advantage and acting in a manner which precludes an advantage to the state where a benefit exists.

 An investigation by Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) into several procurement contracts Fenaka signed with private suppliers between 2014 and 2015 uncovered the contracts prioritized the interests of the suppliers over that of the state utility company.

ACC found the suppliers had delivered the products after the deadline on the contracts.

Though the contracts and Fenaka’s procurement policy have a liquidated damages clause, ACC found the suppliers were paid without deducting for compensation or deducting well below the required compensation amount.

According to ACC, the loss to Fenaka from failure to make the necessary deductions amounts to over MVR 1,000,000, said the ACC.

In addition to Nimal and Minhaj, the commission is also seeking charges against and Ahmed Solih Nasir, then-deputy director of project division and Ahmed Azleem, then-deputy director of finance and accounts department.

However, Prosecutor General’s Office revealed that due to lack of substantial evidence against then, it has been sent back.

ACC has instructed Fenaka to commence enforcement action to recover the lost funds.

Nimal was Fenaka’s first MD, with his appointment on June 2012.