EPA fine tug boat, barge that ran aground on Vaavedhifaru

A barge and tug boat that ran around in Maldives. (Photo / MNDF)

The Environment Protection Agency imposed MVR 100 million fine on ‘The Middle East Marine LLC’ - the owner of tug boat and barge that ran aground on Vaavedhdhifaru.

This incident is said to have taken place on July 23, 2022.

According to EPA, the owner was fined and informed of it during this Sunday. Moreover, they were asked to complete payments within 30 days.

Additionally, EPA noted that they were present and observed when the owners conducted a survey on the area after the vessels were reflated. 

As per the findings of this survey an area of 3926 square meters sustained major damages. 

Although the damages are valued at MVR 148.3 million , they were only fined by 100 million, as it is the maximum amount that can be imposed by law in such cases.