No ease given for 3 detained in 119kg drug case

Drugs seized by police in a counter-narcotics operation in greater Male' area in December, 2021. (Photo/Mohamed Hameed, Commissioner of Police)

The court had decided against providing ease to the detention of three individuals in custody over 119kg drugs found in the trunk of a taxi from Male’ City, during a special operation of Maldives Police Services. 

The three suspects in the operation that took place during December 2021, are, Abdulla Mujaahidh, 29, Allora, GDh. Hoadedhdhoo, Ali Zubair, 52, Guleynooramaage, GDh. Hoadedhdhoo and Ahmed Sunain, 25, Irumatheege, GDh. Hoadedhdhoo.

All three have diamorphine trafficking charges against them. 

During the hearing held on Tuesday, the defense lawyer requested for the case to proceed as fast as possible, and added that there was nothing more to be said regarding their detention.

Notably, during the previous hearing, the defense lawyer requested to grant some ease to the detention.

However, presiding Judge Mohamed Misbah during todays hearing decided that there was no circumstances to give ease. Hence, as ordered earlier, they remain in custody pending outcome to the trial. 

Police suspect that the drugs found in this operation belong to alleged drug kingpin Arshad Khalid, 26, Allora, GDh. Hoadedhdhoo. 

His brother Mujaahid is among those arrested in connection to the case