MACL decides to close ‘Dhovemi’ arrival shop

‘Dhovemi’, a duty-free shop at Velana International Airport's arrival terminal. (Photo/MACL)

Operator of Velana International Airport (VIA, Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), has decided to close ‘Dhovemi’, a duty free shop based at the arrival terminal of the airport.

MACL’s Corporate Communication Manager said that the shop is being closed in order to expand the arrival terminal.

“Closing the shop in order to expand the terminal. The management will take the decision on whether to reopen the shop somewhere else,” he added.

A promotion with up to 50 percent discounts recently kicked off at Dhovemi. Shamman said that the promotion was launched in order to empty the stocks of the shop.

At present, VIA’s arrival terminal accommodates 700 to 900 people. The expansion would further increase the number, which would also provide easements in the provision of services.

Dhovemi opened in November 2014. The shop offers a wide range of products including travel accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, sunglasses and chocolates from international renowned brands.