Doctors to require Health Ministry’s permit for leaving Maldives

Doctors performing a procedure on a patient. (Photo/Healthline)

Ministry of Health on Thursday revealed that in the future, expatriate medical doctors working in Maldives will need the ministry’s permission in order to leave the country.

The Ministry had previously revealed to Sun that they were in discussion with Maldives Immigration on coming up with measures that can be taken to prevent expatriate doctors recruited to work in the Maldives from fleeing without any prior notice.

Minister of State for Health Ahmed Adil said on Thursday that they met with officials from Immigration on December 6.

“During that meeting, discussions were held on the steps that can be taken. Preventative steps were also finalized. We believe with these steps it will get better.”

Adil detailed that as part of those measures, doctors will need to inform via Health Ministry’s portal, and can only leave once the request has been approved.

Although Adil expressed hope to begin implementing in January 2023, he added that there might be some delays.

Cases of expatriate doctors recruited to work in Maldivian hospitals fleeing without notice surface here and there – with the most recent case coming from Naifaru-based Lhavniyani Atoll Hospital.

The only surgeon working in Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital, a Cuban man, fled on November 20, after working in the hospital for approximately five months. His departure without prior notice has resulted in the hospital not having a surgeon, disrupting its operations