119 kilo drug bust: High Court overturns decision to release Arshad’s brother

Abdulla Mujaahidh, 29, Allora, GDh. Hoadedhdhoo.

High Court, on Wednesday, has overturned Criminal Court’s decision to release of one of the suspects jailed pending outcome of the trial in connection to the 119 kilo drug bust that took place under a counter-narcotics operation in Male’ City back in last December.

The suspect is Abdulla Mujaahidh, 29, Allora, GDh. Hoadedhdhoo – the brother of alleged drug kingpin Arshad Khalid, 26, Allora, GDh. Hoadedhdhoo

The 119-kilo drugs seized during this operation are linked to the drugs found in the trunk of a taxi parked at the intersection of Maafaiythakurufaanu Magu and Buruzu Magu.

During the search of a taxi in Male’ City on December 12 – Police seized over 100 kilograms of drugs. They, later on, recovered additional packets of drugs linked with those found from the taxi after searches of three houses in Male’, one house in Hulhumale’, a private car and three cycles – increasing the total amount of drugs seized to 119 kilograms.

Mujaahidh who was charged in connection to the case was jailed pending the outcome of his trial. However, on November 23, Criminal Court granted him conditional release.

Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) appealed the decision to High Court on November 29. High Court delivered its judgement in the case on Wednesday, overturning Criminal Court’s decision.

The case marks the first case heard in High Court by a single judge. Judge Mohamed Niyaz who presided over the case said that Mujaahidh was granted release before any changes to the reasons why he must be kept in custody.

Therewith, Judge Niyaz overturned Criminal Court’s decision to release Mujaahidh, and concurred with the earlier decision by the court to remand him in custody pending the outcome of his trial.