HDC approves 8-storey buildings for Hulhumale’ industrial zone

A warehouse in Hulhumale/ (Photo / HDC)

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) granted approval to revise the height limit of buildings in Hulhumale’ industrial zone to eight storeys.

According to the corporation, the revision was brought to establish more services in Hulhmale’, as the number of businesses was growing.

Hence, HDC said that this was to bring a solution to the high demand for the area and to provide more opportunities for businesses.

Prior to this, buildings in the area could only be raised to a maximum height of six storeys.

With this move, the floor space allocated for industrial purposes in Hulhumale’ will provide ample opportunities for service providers to grow.

HDC has been working to bring numerous changes to the operation and layout of Hulhumale’, including upgrades to the road designs and public spaces.

The company has stated that they were closely monitoring people's needs and will prioritise quick solutions to the issues. 

When the development of Hulhumale’ commenced during the reign of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, residential buildings were only allowed up to three storeys and were later increased to six. Ultimately, during his brother, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's term, Hiyaa towers for social housing were built with 25 storeys.