President: Must ensure every child realizes their full potential

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih tours Maafannu Madharusa, a pre-school in Male' City. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday stated that it must be ensured that all children realize their full potential in society.

Tweeting on the occasion of World Children's Day, the President greeted all children.

“As we celebrate our children, we are ever mindful of our duty to ensure that every child realizes their full potential in a society that is inclusive, free of violence and harm and where their rights are fully protected.”

The President had recently remarked that work needed to be done in various areas in order to protect the rights of children. He also noted that protecting children from the drug epidemic was one of the biggest responsibilities that needed to be undertaken right now.

World Children's Day is marked annually on November 20, however, Maldives celebrates on May 10.

This year the United Nations (UN) has set “For every child, inclusion” as the theme.