Drug-related offenses top most prosecuted in October

Drug Court. (President's Office)

Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office), on Sunday, has revealed that drug-related cases top the most number of cases prosecuted in October.

A report released by PG Office regarding the cases they handled in October – shows that charges were filed with respect to the large number of cases during the month.

In this regard, 47 people were charged in connection to drug related offenses; 15 were charged for obstruction of justice; 14 were charged for terrorism related offense and 10 were charged with respect to anti-torture crimes.

As per the office, 75 percent of the cases prosecuted in October were cases from this year. 34 cases prosecuted were from 2021, whilst 12 cases prosecuted were from 2020.

During October, PG office filed the most cases with Criminal Court, Drug Court, Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court, Addu City Hithadhoo Magistrate Court and Addu City Meedhoo Magistrate Court.

On this note, 112 cases were submitted to the Criminal Court; 69 cases were submitted to the Drug Court; 22 cases were submitted to Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court, 13 cases were submitted to Hithadhoo Magistrate Court and eight cases were submitted to Meedhoo Magistrate Court.

PG Office publicizes monthly statistics regarding the cases submitted to them.