Police officer’s motorbike torched in Mulah

Motorbike of a police officer burnt beyond repair in an arson attack in M. Mulah. (Photo/MV Crisis)

Police have launched an investigation after the motorbike of a police officer was burnt down in an arson attack in M. Mulah.

A police spokesperson said Saturday that the incident took place Friday night.

The spokesperson confirmed the case was under investigation, but disclosed no further details.

Mulah Council’s president Ahmed Jamal said that though the motorbike was torched Friday night, the owner of the bike became aware of the situation Saturday morning.

Jamal said he was not privy to any information regarding the incident.

Photos of the motorbike shared on social media show the vehicle was burnt beyond repair.

A similar incident took place back in February, when a drug dealer torched the motorbike of a police officer in N. Miladhoo after he tried to stop a drug deal. Three people were arrested in connection to the case.

The incident was the latest in a string of recent attacks targeting police.

On September 9, three off-duty Drug Enforcement Department (DED) officers were attacked with weapons by at least eight people which the Commissioner of Police Mohamed said was carried out by members of a known crime group in Henveiru district.

On September 18, a man barged into the Maafannu Police Station and threatened to kill one of the police officers. CP Hameed tweeted that the man in question was affiliated with a known organized crime group in Maafannu district of Male’ City. He barged the station after another person affiliated with the same group was arrested on suspicion of robbery.

And on September 20, two men were arrested from Hithadhoo district of Addu City when they threatened to damage and torch police property after they were stopped for reckless and unlicensed driving.