Nazim Sattar makes public apology, says he is repenting

Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar. (File Photo/Sun)

Prominent lawyer and the younger brother of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar – currently on trial for engaging in homosexual relations – made a public apology on Thursday to the people of Maldives, stating he has repenting.

Nazim Sattar was charged with engaging in homosexuality after a leaked video showed him engaging in sexual acts with Bangladeshi national, Alamgir. The sentencing in the case is scheduled for today.

In a statement released earlier today, Nazim Sattar said that he admits to his crime, expressing regret over his actions. He also stated that he has repenting.

“I am admitting to this crime as I am an offender with respect to the case in addition to also being a victim as I was blackmailed for money,” he had said.

Nazim said that he admitted to the crime whilst still in Maldives, without fleeing abroad, because he wishes to face the subsequent punishment.

Because Nazim Sattar pled guilty to the charge against him at court, his case was fast tracked by the judge.

A string of videos showing men engage in homosexual relations has been leaked on social media since late June.

The subject of many of the videos, Alamgiri, who admitted to engaging in sexual acts with multiple men, including several high-profile Maldivians, was found guilty and sentenced to seven months in prison in August.

The videos leaked online show Alamgir engaging in sexual relations with Nazim Sattar, former Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Nasheed (Colonel Nasheed), Sergeant Abdul Rahman Rafeeu, a senior police officer from the Drug Enforcement Department (DED), teachers and muezzins.