Photos show damage to Vilimale’ reef from bridge platform

EPA assesses damages to Vilimale' reef following the grounding of a self-elevating platform. (Photo/EPA)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Maldives has released photos documenting the damage to the Vilimale’ reef from a self-elevating platform that wrecked on the reef back in August.

Yuvraj, the self-elevating platform used by India’s Afcons Infrastructure for the construction of the Thilamale’ Bridge wrecked on the Vilimale’ reef on August 16. Three workers were injured in the incident.

It was refloated after nearly two weeks, on August 27.

EPA, which is conducting an assessment of the damages, shared photos of the reef on Wednesday. The photos show the incident resulted in four large craters on the reef.

The incident had sparked concern from local environmental groups including Save the Beach and Villijoali.

They called on authorities to conduct a proper assessment of the damages to the reef, and share the findings with the public.

EPA previously stated it would fine Afcons, if necessary, based on the findings of its assessment.