Amendment call to grant ease in registering as a university

Maldives National University (MNU). (Sun Photo/Ibrahim Ifaz)

An amendment has been submitted to Higher Education Act that grants ease to the criteria to to order to register as a university in Maldives.

During Wednesday’s Parliament session MP for Thulusdhoo Ibrahim Naseem submitted a bill that stated that an institution can be declared as a university only after operating as a college for Maldives for 15 years.

The current act says that the institution needs to operate for at least 20 years.

The MP said that the submission includes some more conditions as well. This includes mandating the institution to have at least three different programs that teach until levels seven and nine.

Fields included in the bill:

-        Arts and Humanity

-        Engineering and Technology

-        Life Science and Medicine

-        Natural Science

-        Social Sciences

In the bill additional conditions stated include having at least 500 students studying in the college that should be teaching level seven or higher levels of certifications.

In addition to this, the college must have the capacity to conduct researches that are of international standard with international universities and organizations.

Moreover, to register at a university, at least 10 percent of the academic employees that teach need to have a certification not lower than level 10.