MVR 1.3 million for those impacted by wave surges in June

Flooding in Th. Omadhoo due to wave surges prompted by severe weather. (Photo/Omadhoo Council)

The government granted MVR 1.3 million to provide financial assistance for those impacted by wave surges in June this year.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Saturday said that 10 islands had reported being impacted by the weather. From this, a total of MVR 1,256,287.60 was given in financial assistance as compensation for damages to nine islands.

Islands NDMA provided compensation for:

-       S. Maradhoofeydhoo

-       S. Maradhoo

-       Sh. Bilehfahi

-       Gdh. Rathafandhoo

-       Th. Thimarafushi

-       Gdh. Madaveli

-       Hdh. Vaikaradhoo

-       Gdh. Fiyoaree

-       Gdh. Hoadhehdhoo

According to the assessment done by NDMA, a total of 277 houses were damaged to the extent it impacted housing and other necessities.

Additionally, household items and the building itself was damaged for a total of 131 houses.

While MVR 294,562.60 was given for damages to household items. MVR 961,725 was granted as compensation for damages to the building itself.