Homosexuality cases: Charges filed against four including Alamgiri

Combined file photos of (from L-R) Abdul Rahman Rafeeu, Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar, and Mohamed Nasheed (Colonel Nasheed).

Four men have been charged with engaging in homosexual relations including Bangladeshi national, Alamgiri.

Prosecutor General’s Office’s (PG Office) Spokesperson said that charges have been filed with the Criminal Court against four individuals, including a Bangladeshi national, on suspicions of engaging in homosexual relations.  

However, the identities of the four people charged were not disclosed.

Sun has learned the four men that are charged were Alamgiri, prominent lawyer, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed’s younger brother Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar, former Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Nasheed (Colonel) and Abdul Rahman Rafeeu, a police officer working in the Drug Enforcement Department (DED).

A string of videos showing men engage in sexual relations with Alamgiri has been leaked from June onwards. In an earlier statement, Police have stated that cases pertaining to homosexuality are being investigated as serious matters.

Alamgiri who was arrested for both engaging in homosexuality, taping the acts and using the videos for blackmail still remains under arrest. However, many that were arrested on suspicions of engaging in sexual relations with Alamgiri, including Nazim Sattar and Colonel Nasheed, have been released.