BML to support upgrade of Maldives National Museum

Maldives National Museum.

Bank of Maldives has decided to support the upgrade of the Maldives National Museum.

The initiative is part of the series of 12 high impact monthly community initiatives to celebrate the bank’s upcoming 40th anniversary.

According to BML, it will support the care, preservation, and display of the Maldives National Museum’s collection, including the upgrading of its conservation and preservation laboratory as well as the development of interactive content to encourage public engagement and attract visitors to the museum.

Commenting on the initiative, BML’s In-charge and Acting MD, Aishath Noordeen noted the importance of the Maldives National Museum.

“The National Museum is an important institution that preserves our national history for our future generations. This is our ninth event as part of our 40th anniversary celebration and we are proud to continue supporting projects that will enrich our communities,” she said.

BML has launched nine monthly initiatives to celebrate its 40th anniversary since November 2021. The initiatives are:

November 2021: BML Scholarship Fund

December 2021: Upgrading the National Library

January 2022: BML Startup Grant

February 2022: Housing Grant

March 2022: Small Grants

April 2022: Support to upgrade Home for People with Special Needs 

May 2022: Online fundraising platform Kindly

June 2022: BML Fehi Project

July 2022: Upgrading the Maldives National Museum

BML will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November.