Yellow alert in northern and central Maldives for strong winds, rough seas

A speedboat makes its way through rough seas. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aiman Ali)

Maldives Metrological Service (Met Office) has issued yellow alert for northern and central atolls of Maldives – warning of strong winds and rough seas.

The yellow alert is effective from 12:00pm to 16:00pm on Sunday, for the area from Haa Alifu Atoll to Thaa Atoll.

During this time period – Met Office forecasts that the area will be affected by strong winds of 25 – 30 mph along with very rough seas.

Whilst yellow issue has been issued today – Met Office issued a statement on Saturday predicting strong winds, rough seas, and possible wave surges over the course of this week.

In this regard, Met Office noted that the southwest monsoon has become strong over Maldives – as a result of which widespread rain and thunderstorms is expected across the country over the next three days, especially in northern and central areas.

They forecasted northern and central atolls to see strong winds of 13 – 23mph blowing from direction of west and west-east – whilst southern atolls are expected to see strong winds of 13 – 23mph blowing from the direction of south-west and west.

Seas are expected to be very rough, with waves expected to reach heights of 5-8 feet.

Met Office also warned of possible wave surges across the country during high tide.

They also urged everyone, especially seafarers, to take caution over the weather.

Wave surges impacted many islands in the Maldives in early July – causing irrevocable losses. Approximately 350 homes were damaged due to flooding with over 60 families being relocated to temporary shelters.