Nazim Sattar barred from travel as police investigate video clip

Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar. (File Photo/Sun)

Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar has been banned from traveling overseas as police investigate a video which allegedly shows him engaging in sexual relations with another man.

The video clip, which allegedly showed Nazim having sex with a Bangladeshi man, was leaked on social media on Friday.

Nazim, a prominent lawyer and the younger brother of Parliament speaker, former president Mohamed Nasheed, denied it was him on the video.

A police spokesperson said Nazim’s passport was seized in connection to an open investigation on Saturday night.

The police had  Nazim brought in for questioning on Saturday evening.

Nazim had taken to Twitter to deny the allegation on Friday, but deactivated his account on Saturday.

Police said the case came as they were investigating a blackmail case, involving multiple victims.

A nude photo, allegedly of South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem (Andhun Hussain) and another man and a woman, has also been leaked over social media.