Adhurey: Mob attack could have been staged by govt. to blame PPM

PNC leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla (C) at the press conference by the PPM-PNC coalition on June 21, 2022. (Photo/PPM)

People’s National Congress (PNC)’s leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) states that the mob attack on the International Day of Yoga event held at the national football stadium on Tuesday morning could be claimed to have been staged by the government to cast blame on Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), which, together with PNC, form the opposition coalition.

In a press conference on Tuesday evening, Adhurey said the incident showed the failure of the government.

“How else could a group of people storm the Galolhu Stadium. For example, authorities have stopped peaceful activities planned by PPM based on the assumption violence may take place,” he said.

Adhurey said he believes the mob attack took place because the police allowed it to happen.

“People weren’t able to pass those gates even when it was jampacked with supporters who wanted to buy tickets during the SAFF Championship. How were they able to enter today?” he asked.

Adhurey said he believes the incident was planned by the police.

Adhurey said the opposition coalition would provide their full cooperation to the investigation into the incident, but wanted an independent investigation.

“Having the President appoint his brother-in-law as Commissioner of Police, and using him to cast blame on whoever the President wishes, and arresting and investigating them…. This is not how it should be,” he said.

Adhurey said the opposition coalition had always put public interest before everything, and would not do anything to undermine public interest.

Adhurey said that all political activities were pre-announced, and the police were informed of the activities well beforehand.

He said the incident was therefore an attempt to defame PPM and its leader, former president Abdula Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Police have stated that some of the items used by the mob that attacked the participants of the yoga event came from the PPM office.

PPM’s Secretary-General Mohamed Tholal told Sun said the flags used by rioters were similar to the ones used by PPM in a recent rally, but that it yet remained unclear whether they were the same flags.

“It’s possible those were our flags. I am unable to say for sure yet whether those were our flags,” he said.

Tholal said the mob attack had not been organized by PPM and that the party did not condone violence.