President: Coastal protection work will begin in Funadhoo soon

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaks at the Sh. Funadhoo School's 50th anniversary function on June 17, 2022. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on Friday that the issue of coastal erosion in Sh. Funadhoo needed to be addressed immediately, and that coastal protection work would begin in the island soon.

He made the comment during the function held on Friday evening to celebrate Funadhoo School’s 50-year anniversary.

Speaking at the function, President Solih also pledged to include Funadhoo on the list of islands on 2023’s budget for land reclamation projects, to accommodate the island’s growing population.

“And what we need to find an immediate solution to is the issue of coastal erosion. I acknowledge that this needs an immediate solution. I take this opportunity to say that our administration will work to solve this issue as quickly as possible,” he said.

President solih said his administration was committed to ensuring inclusive education and the right for every child to quality education and learning.

He said that there were 203 education infrastructure projects currently in progress in different stages of development.

He said that the project to develop 15 classrooms in Funadhoo School would be complete in December.

“The most pressing need of this school right now is an administrative building, including a staff room. In Sha Allah, that project too, will be included in next year’s budget,” he said.

President Solih said the most significant contribution to the community, and most prominent achievement of Funadhoo School, was the human resources it helped develop over its 50-year-long history.

“Scores of individuals who graduated from Funadhoo School are currently serving in senior positions in various institutions in this island and this region,” he said.

President Solih spoke of Funadhoo School’s achievements, including boasting one of the highest pass rates in Dhivehi and Islam, and producing top achievers.

In an interview to Sun last week, Funadhoo Council’s president Ahmed Ibrahim Fulhu said the island was facing erosion along all coastlines. The most severe erosion is in the area the sewerage system was established and, in the area where the community center was located. The council estimates that a 20 feet area had eroded from the areas over the last five years.

Ahmed said it was a far greater issue than the council could solve alone, and that the council had repeatedly reached out to the government asking for assistance over the last two-three years.