Facility to be built at Vilimale’ WAMCO area for fibre works

Vilimale'. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Male’ City Council has decided to build a specific facility to carry out fibre works in Vilimale’ WAMCO area.

The decision was taken by the Council on last Wednesday, during its fourth session’s 55th official general meeting – citing that it was unsafe to carry out fibre works in residential areas.

Rent will be enforced for the facility, after its built. The Council detailed that the decision to build the facility was taken following approval from Planning Ministry – in order to provide a permanent solution for the issue.  

The Council’s decision comes after protests have been held over the drastic deforestation of the eastern shoreline of Vilimale’ by Male’ City Council prompted by their decision to relocate the existing fibre boatyard in southwest barbeque beach of Vilimale’, as the southwest coast would be utilized during the construction of Thilamale’ Bridge.

Save the beach, the non-governmental organization that organized the protests said that fibre work must be conducted within an enclosed area which is well-ventilated and situated at least 350 feet away from residential and recreational areas as per Planning Ministry’s Land Use Plan Regulations.

They pointed out that boatyards have been operation in open-air environments with no clear waste management practices to handle toxic materials.

They also expressed concern regarding health and safety as fibre work poses respiratory risk which can sometimes be fatal for those with breathing disorders.

Moreover, the non-governmental organization also alleged that due diligence was not observed by authorities as the removal of shoreline vegetation was carried out without the legally mandated environmental impact assessment.

Underscoring that Vilimale’ hosts three of the only remaining natural coastlines within Male’ area – they stressed on the importance of preserving it.