STELCO: Will provide permanent solution to power outages in two days

State Electric Company (STELCO)’s Managing Director Ahmed Shareef speaks to press on May 24, 2022. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

State Electric Company (STELCO)’s Managing Director Ahmed Shareef states the company will provide a permanent solution to the electricity outages affecting Male’ City within two days. 

In a press conference on Tuesday, Shareef said that though electricity has been restored to Male’ City, it was only a temporary fix, and that more outages were possible during times when electricity consumption spikes. 

“Though we have restored electricity to the entire Male’ City, it is only a temporary fix. A permanent solution will be provided in two days. More outages are possible when generators overload,” he said. 

Shareef said that the electricity outages took place because of damage to one of the company’s main cables. 

He said that repairing the cable was risky, and that it would therefore take two days for the company to install a new cable. 

Electricity went out from Male’ City at approximately 04:00 am Tuesday. Electricity wasn’t restored to all parts of the city until approximately 09:15 am. 

The outage resulted in three schools closing morning session classes; Imaaduddin School, Iskandhar School, and Izzuddheen School.