Shop vandalized in retaliation for capture of thief

BD Mart: The store was vandalized on May 21, 2022. (Sun Photo)

A convenience store in Maafannu district of Male’ City was vandalized on early Saturday, in retaliation of the capture of a thief. 

The thief had stolen from the Items outlet located in Funa Goalhi at approximately 09:00 pm on Friday. The outlet’s employees told Sun the man stole a pair of sandals. People inside the outlet intervened, and stopped him from fleeing.  

“When he was brought out, two of his brothers came to his rescue. They came armed with a box cutter,” said one eye witness. 

Sun has received videos that show the man held by people outside the outlet. The videos show some people attempt to free the man, one of them armed with a box cutter. 

Videos show a man armed with a box cutter outside Items in Maafannu, Male' City, on May 20, 2022. (Sun Graphics/Ali Shahin)

“Everyone knows how these three men are. They live in the neighborhood. We need to always be on alert for a potential theft every time they come in,” said one employee. 

The men smashed the windows of BD Mart, a grocery store located in the neighborhood, at approximately 12:30 am Saturday. 

The owner of the store said the attack was an act of retaliation for capturing the thief. 

“They came here and threatened to smash the windows. They threatened to burn the place down. We immediately reported it to the police. We told the police we wanted protection,” he said. 

The store owner said he also reported the threat to a police officer who lived in the neighborhood, and asked for protection. 

He said the men came and attacked the shop shortly afterwards. 

“We were right here when they came. They attacked with wooden batons. They smashed the windows,” he said. 

The owner estimates the men caused MVR 5,000 in damages. A bystander was also injured in the incident. 

All three men involved in the incident have been arrested by police.